1. A Wish for Stress
    Daniel Dlugosielski

  2. Under Cover of Face
    Dan Dlugosielski

  3. Vidicon System
    Uneven Universe

  4. Hot Dish
    Hellfire Holly

  5. Disvalley Krimynalne
    White Boss

  6. Dog Lady / Mossy Throats / Nehal Shah / Pure Skull
    Dog Lady / Mossy Throats / Nehal Shah / Pure Skull

  7. Halcyon Tubes
    Mossy Throats

  8. Wistful Chubby Genius

  9. Enfer Boreal / Mossy Throats Split
    Enfer Boreal / Mossy Throats

  10. Crystal Marvelous Fruit

  11. Microbe Shower
    Mossy Throats

  12. D.N.A. Mismatch
    Mossy Throats

  13. Double Brain Scan
    Throat Boggle

  14. Exit
    Bermuda Link

  15. Goldberg and the Universe
    Goldberg and the Universe

  16. Insider Gazing
    Sparkling Wide Pressure

  17. Lebanese Vacation
    God Willing

  18. Live at Cosmic Beach
    Uneven Universe

  19. More Relaxed
    Feminine Toner

  20. Spiritual Taint

  21. Buried Mics
    Dream Safari

  22. Centipedes
    Body Morph

  23. Cold Lunch
    Mossy Throats

  24. Dogbox

  25. Electioneering
    The North Sea

  26. Mutator Beach
    Birmingham Drains

  27. Darkslide on the Moon
    Color Dream

  28. Midnight Heat
    Sky Limousine

  29. Mountain Manglings Vol. 4
    Body Morph

  30. Gold Miner's Daughters

  31. "Confused Sounds"
    Daniel Dlugosielski

  32. An Interior of Liquid Metallic Hydrogen
    Mossy Throats

  33. Barefoot in the Dark
    Yeast Curd

  34. Bone Alone
    Body Morph

  35. Boys Will Be Boys
    Ryan Jacari & The Mossy Throats

  36. Code Sap
    Code Sap

  37. Friday the 13th
    God Willing & Uneven Universe

  38. Hideous Cosmic Anatomy
    Uneven Universe

  39. I'm Melting #1
    Mossy Throats

  40. Kitten with a Whip
    White Leather

  41. Loyal to Love
    Saturnus Pyramydne

  42. Pattern for No-One
    Mossy Throats

  43. Pretty Ugly
    Body Morph

  44. Surfer
    Conch Electronics

  45. Swallowing Communication
    Particle Magazine

  46. Winter Ruby
    Winter Ruby

  47. Microelectronix
    Mossy Throats

  48. Easy Moves Alright
    Medical Lake

  49. Six Gutters
    Body Collector

  50. Spirit Tent

  51. Endless Basement Vol. 1
    Uneven Universe

  52. Nebula Blanket
    Uneven Universe

  53. Plays Beyond the Door II
    Mold Resin

  54. Special Style
    Treetops & Uneven Universe

  55. Sunken by Seaweed
    Strange Water

  56. Cancers
    Mossy Throats

  57. Metal Bile

  58. Sagging Skull
    Haunted Castle

  59. Shambling Mound
    Haunted Castle

  60. Failed Grails
    Robedoor / Haunted Castle

  61. Wind Wyrm
    Mossy Throats


EXBX Tapes Detroit, Michigan

Michigan noise label run by Daniel Dlugosielski, active 2004-2011.

Now operates as Moon Myst Music.

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